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Canadian Online High School started in September 2012 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada when two experienced veterans of education Jim Mombourquette (Co-Founder) and Will Lenssen (Principal) decided to reach students in a completely new way with technology. The internet is an amazing resource for education so why not put a school directly in it? Canadian Online High School allows Ontario, Canada high school courses and credits to reach the far corners of the world. Our learning environment is very student centered and we follow the guidelines of the Growing Success document the Ontario Ministry of Education requires for the most modern form of fair assessment and teaching methods. 

Our Virtual High School Teachers

Our teachers are all Ontario College of Teachers certified ( or equivalent and come from around the world, truly bringing a global perspective to the online classroom. One of the largest differences that COHS has to other online high schools is that our teachers are there throughout the course not only to support the students as they work through the course content but to teach. We want our students to be the best students they can be so they are prepared to enter into the workforce they will soon be leaders in. 

Will Lenssen COHSPrincipal Will Lenssen

Will Lenssen has been in education for over 38+ years as a teacher, guidance counsellor, Principal and Vice Principal in the Wellington Catholic District School Board and now Canadian Online High School located in Guelph, Ontario. His dedication to education is unprecidented. It is not just a job for him, it is a vocation. Mr. Lenssen will ensure you get the proper advice for what you or your student needs.

Safe and Secure Online Learning: COHS uses a very safe and firewalled e-learning environment for all of our courses with Desire2Learn (D2L) ( accessible by computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Virtual High School Credits

Our virtual high school's credits hold the exact same merit and quality of any other high school in Ontario. Today the school offers dozens of courses and it continues to expand everyday with new students and teachers. 

COHS Objectives - Virutal High School Students

  1. To pursue academic excellence (specific to each student’s capacity) and thus prepare our students to be contributing members of society
  2. To pursue an Academic Pathway that can lead to a Personal Destination Pathway of Choice: Apprenticeship, College, University, post secondary specialized school/training or Work.
  3. To foster personal and professional self worth and growth in each student.
  4. To promote the dignity of all career pathways by providing varied educational programs which suit the individual needs and aspirations of all COHS students.
  5. To provide academic challenges without a risk of failure. This is a major focus of COHS to ensure SUCCESS to all who engage in our learning model.

COHS and the Ontario Ministry of Education

COHS is a Private School and is not under the direction of any School Board of Ontario. It is however inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and has a BSID# 668613 (Board School Identification #) formerly termed “Mident” (Ministry Identification). This number means that COHS is a ministry approved provider of Ontario Secondary credits. You can find us on the Ontario Ministry of Education (MOE) web site. Only schools that are inspected by the MOE are found there. This means your COHS credit is valid and has credibility.

Desire2Learn / Bright Space: Desire2Learn Incorporated is a provider of enterprise eLearning solutions and develops online Learning Management Systems used at more than 1100 institutions in 20 different countries around the world.

14 Sharon Place
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Postal Code: N1H 7V2

Principal Will Lenssen: 1  519  830  4799

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