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Grade twelve students often have the “Three S’s” on their minds: Success, Scholarships & Stress.  By planning ahead and employing creative strategies, students and parents can help to make sure that students achieve their maximum potential while keeping stress levels low.

One such strategy is for students to manage their workload and keep it manageable in their final year of high school.  For example, students requiring all three University level mathematics courses, MDM4U (Data Management), MHF4U (Functions) and MCV4U (Calculus/Vectors) often find that the workload of these courses makes it difficult to achieve high marks in their other 4U and 4M courses.  But what if students were able to “spread out” these math courses. COHS virtual high school can assist by offering these math courses online.

Lisa Davies, OCT, is a Mathematics teacher at Canadian Online High School (COHS), and a Mathematics Academic Skills Instructor at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.  She has noticed that many students are employing a very creative strategy to keep their mathematics workload manageable, achieve higher marks, and reduce stress.  She has observed increasing numbers of students completing one or more of the grade 12 mathematics courses online before they enter their grade 12 year.  These courses pair students with a teacher in a “one-on-one” learning environment tailored to the students’ individual learning styles and strengths.  Students work at their own pace and at times when it is convenient for their schedules.  They build confidence in their math skills by having a teacher available to offer personalized instruction and answer their questions all day, during the evenings and even on weekends and holidays!

Davies employs the latest in technology and software to give students a rich and rewarding learning experience in her math courses.  Through the use of electronic white boards, “Skype”, her “youtube” channel and other interactive resources, she develops a strong teacher-student relationship with all of her students.  “It really is like having your own personal teacher”, she says.  She has noticed that students are often more successful in online courses because they can learn according to their own learning style and they take “ownership” of their achievement because of the personal teacher-student relationship. 

As a result, students enter Grade 12 with only one or two math courses on their timetable and are able to achieve higher marks in their other courses.  In addition, they have room to take an additional elective 4M or 4U course which can raise their average on their “best six” grade 12 courses that are considered for scholarships by Universities and High Schools. 

Davies believes so strongly in the online learning advantage that she even has her own son enrolled at COHS.  “My son is still considering what career path he wants so we thought it would be a good idea for him to explore more options in Grade 9.  We enrolled him in COHS to complete his Grade 9 French credit before he started Grade 9 so that he could take more optional courses in his first year of High School.  This helped to balance his workload in grade 9 and made feel more confident starting high school with one credit already complete.   He can’t wait to take another course next summer!”

COHS courses offer a private school learning experience at a fraction of the cost.  Students develop strong University level math skills, reduce stress and achieve more success and confidence in their regular grade twelve program.   For more information about taking online high school math course such as MDM4U, MCV4U or MHF4U through COHS, please contact


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