Course Registration Requirements

The Ontario Ministry of Education requires you to submit a Photo ID as well as a copy of your High School Transcript. Please arrange to send a copy to

This applies to Canadians or off-shore students.

We accept:

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**No Refunds are available once you have submitted this application. Please ensure you are enrolling with a purpose! Remember, you have 6 months to complete a course**

COHS Fee List as of Jan/2016
(Once submitted, there is no refund)

Prices subject to change without notice. Contact COHS.
Payment made via COHS website or e-Transfer of fee or mailed cheque
Canadian Funds
One course (called a credit)
110-120 Hours of Study
Non Credit program
ESL non credit: 80-110 hours
Additional Resource Fee: Only applicable for Chemistry and Visual Arts. See Course Outline or ask admin/teacher in advance.
e.g. Virtual Science Lab; Art supplies; personal materials
This fee is determined by each credit
International Assessment of Academic Documents: Fee upon registration: Non Canadian and non English based schools
Interpretation of official English translated academic documents. Hard copies to be supplied upon request.

Added info such as course overviews and outlines would surely help place the student in the proper level.

Home School Students: Students not registered in a publically funded or inspected private school
Interpretation of official documents. Fee, if any, subject to documents and sources.

Minimum $50
To be provided in English

Non Canadian school in Canada
Other Non Canadian ENGLISH school documents may require a fee. Contact COHS.
Minimum Fee $50
ESL Informal Assessment for Placement by COHS. Student to be available for screening.
May require face-to-face. Speaking; listening; writing; reading. Sample work. Interview.
$100 per student
Change of course to another because original fees are allocated upon registration
Request to take place within 7 days or no change will be made.
$100 per course change
Extending time beyond 6 months will result in a fee if extension request is not approved by Administration or if too late. Official Medical Note or similar is required.
Request beyond 6 months
Administration approval may require follow up and is requested one month in advance if possible.
$100/2 weeks OR $200/month
Request for Report Card, Transcript, OSSD, Letter of Reference or Verification of Enrolment
The student/school gets the first e-report card free. Additional: e- or Digital Version via email
$ 5 each or $10 for 3 e-Versions
Request for Report Card, Transcript, OSSD, Letter of Reference or Verification of Enrolment
Hard copy with COHS Seal and Mail out per request
** Courier costs additional
$ 5 per report card
$ 10 per Transcript, OSSD and Letter
** Courier and Express Delivery Extra subject to charges


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