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Selina Kayla Rembosz

Canadian Online High School’s First Graduate! - August, 2014

Selina Kayla Rembosz

The following was provided by and is being posted with the permission of, 
Selina Kayla Rembosz 

"Hello Everyone!

    My name is Selina. I am proud to say that I’m Canadian Online High School’s first graduate. I first started seeking online courses from home when I became ill with heart disease and was unable to attend normal every day classes. Moreover, in search of online courses and schools, I came across Canadian Online High School. With this in mind, Canadian Online High School was relatively new at the time and I was in search of gr. 9 art, as it is mandatory to take at least once in order to graduate. I was nearing the end of all my other courses that I needed in order to graduate. With this intention, Canadian Online High School had the course I was looking for, taught by the wonderful Mr. Mombourquette. Notably when I enrolled in this course, I was not just suffering from heart disease. Due to a previous course and having studied for too many hours at once, the repetitive motion of the studying caused me to develop the very painful condition called, Lateral Epicondylitis, simply known as, Tennis Elbow; it causes severe pain and swelling in the forearm, elbow, and wrists. This causes severe pain and difficulty doing everyday daily tasks, such as, typing, writing, opening and closing doors etc. 

          With these health issues, I was enrolled in Mr. Mombourquett’s media art class. As soon as I went to Mr. Mombourquette, he promptly addressed my issue and allowed for accommodations.  These adjustments helped me to meet the curriculum expectations and guidelines as well as to be evaluated. At the same time, this cannot only be said for Mr. Mombourquette. Throughout my entire Canadian Online High School experience I suffered with my Tennis Elbow; however, with all the help, support, as well as, understanding I received from all the teachers and everyone else at Canadian Online High School, they made my last few months of High School a positive experience and one that I will never forget. In the event that a student has a certain health problem or disability, I would highly recommend COHS for these students. COHS sets up its learning environment through its teachers as well as the principal Mr. Lenssen, as a very caring, supportive, understanding, and flexible learning one. Moreover, COHS creates an online learning environment, which makes every student feel as an individual and not just part of a classroom. Uniquely, each teacher aides a student and gives feedback to that student as an individual, in order to help that particular student succeed and be better prepared for University or further studies.  Regardless of your situation, COHS is always there for each of its students to help them grow and succeed in order to become positive educated contributors to society later on. 

          Furthermore, COHS is a wonderful school filled with positive educators who are wonderfully educated in the subject they teach. Parents can be confident that their children will receive the proper education needed to prepare them for further studies in the future. 

          To conclude, Canadian Online High School is a wonderful online high school for students with certain conditions, disabilities (challenges), or simply for those who would like to take an online compulsory credit course or even an extra one from home. This all helps them to work more freely at their own pace with less stress. All in all, I would also highly recommend students having COHS to be their homeschool for students who are fully homeschooled. With that being said, everything is monitored and taken care of for you by the principal Mr. Lenssen as it was for me. During this time period Mr. Lenssen gladly keeps you informed and updated as to what is going on with your situation, as well as, takes care of updating your transcript and making sure that you receive it.  At the present time, because of COHS, I have graduated with wonderful marks. I got into all the desired universities I applied to, such as Western and Brock! I even obtained Scholarships! I’m currently a first year undergraduate honors degree student in kinesiology at UOIT and am looking to become a doctor in the future. Ultimately, I would not have been where I am today with out everyone here at COHS. For that, I truly thank Mr. Lenssen, Mr. Mombourquette, as well as all the teachers here at COHS for allowing me to achieve success and taking part in my success with me."

Thank you,
Selina Rembosz

"Thank you so much for everything. I truly appreciate everything you've done for me this last year. I needed this one ENG4U credit to finally graduate and now I've reached that milestone thanks to COHS.” 

- LV, Successful Entrepreneur (Adult 40+ Student)


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