Grade 9 - Geography of Canada - Academic - CGC1D

Grade 9 Geography of Canada-Academic CGC1D

This course explores Canada’s distinct and changing character and the geographic systems and relationships that shape it. Students will investigate the interactions of natural and human systems within Canada, as well as Canada’s economic, cultural, and environmental connections to other countries. Students will use a variety of geotechnologies and inquiry and communication methods to analyse and evaluate geographic issues and present their findings.


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Grade 09

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Academic Courses


Christine Avgeropoulos

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Course Overview: 

This introduction to the study of high school Geography encourages inquiry and skills development.

CGC1D Virtual Course Overview

Students will learn to describe the interactions between the physical environment and human activities, interrelationships between physical systems, processes, and events as well as the characteristics of Canada’s natural environment.

Other units of study include: Managing Canada’s Resources and Industries, Changing Populations, Immigration and Cultural Diversity, and Demographic Patterns and Trends
Teaching, Assessment and Progressive Learning

Building Blocks and Current Events

COHS has designed building blocks for the virtual delivery of CGC1D.

Study units are done in the sequence agreed to by the teacher and the student. All work of one unit is to be submitted and assessed/evaluated prior beginning the next unit. 

Students are encouraged to communicate on a regular basis with the teacher to maximize learning and performance.  

We integrate current events into this virtual course to help keep students engaged and connect them to the real world. 

Online Learning at COHS

The Role of Information Technology is key in this course. 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools may include GPS, GIS, Online Calculators, Online Labs, Audio-visual software, measurement tools, skype, YouTube video support, and video conferencing.

Exceptional and Disenfranchised Students 

Modifications are possible which means adjusting the expectations and/or content for students with special needs.

Similarly, accommodation can be made for unique situations where students have family responsibilities or live in a remote community.

What Makes Taking Grade 9 Geography at COHS Special?

Students new to highschool and adjusting to the sometimes-stressful social world that poses mental, emotional or academic challenges often find our virtual coursework a good way to ease into secondary school learning.

Upload assignments from wherever you are.

Our teachers are available on line for support and you can contact them when you run into obstacles.

Look at the course offerings our virtual high school and call or Email us today.


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